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Fequently Asked Tattoo Health, Safety, & Pricing Questions

Do you have questions for Electric Underground Tattoo of North Saskatoon? Are you looking for tattoo pricing details, artist questions, or have general tattoo curiosities? Check out our FAQ first. Our shop has received a lot of tattoo questions since we first opened our doors, and while we love to talk about all things ink, we thought a FAQ might be helpful for our newcomers. Give us a call if you don’t see what you’re looking for!


  • Remove bandage after 3 hours (minimum) unless otherwise instructed by your tattoo artist.
  • Remember to wash your hands prior to removing your bandage.
  • Grab a few sheets of paper towel (NOT A CLOTH TOWEL), dampen the paper towel with warm water and wipe your tattoo. Continue this movement until the paper towel is clean and there is no longer any residue (lymph) on your tattoo.
  • Allow tattoo to air dry overnight and following day, without applying the Webber Vitamin E Ointment or H2Ocean.
  • Purchase Bactine, use before applying ointment.
  • Purchase H2Ocean Ointment at our shop or Webber Vitamin E Ointment in the First Aid aisle of Shoppers Drug Mart. Begin applying this ointment with CLEAN HANDS on your tattoo twice daily after washing or when your tattoo feels dry (for at least 7 days). By the end of these 7 days, your tattoo should be healed and peeling like a sunburn.


  • Always wash your hands with antibacterial liquid hand soap prior to touching your fresh tattoo.
  • DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO TANNING BED FOR 2 WEEKS! Or Until Tattoo is fully healed.
  • Always apply suntan lotion to fully healed tattoos.
  • DO NOT allow shampoo, conditioner or body washes to come in contact with your new (healing) tattoo.
  • Once it is fully healed resume to daily use of body wash, etc…
  • DO NOT soak your freshly tattooed tattoo in water for long periods of time; BATHS, POOLS OR HOT TUBS not recommend wait at least 2 week or until tattoo is fully healed before swimming. (NO CHLORINE). Yes you can shower.
  • Profuse sweating has the same effect on new tattoos as soaking in water. If you work out, especially cardiovascular or aerobics, take some time off (3-5 days).
  • Wear loose clothing that will allow your tattoo to breathe.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch at new tattoos.
  • After 4 weeks, apply sun block to your fully healed tattoo if exposed to the sun.

Tattoos: Understand Risks and Precautions

Before, many people think that this is blasphemy or a bad thing to have. But today, tattoos are commonly seen in people. You can easily get a tattoo anywhere you want. 

You can have your tattoo in a matter of minutes depending on the design. But you should never let your defenses down just because the process of getting this body art is easy. You should always know what are the risks and possible consequences that you might encounter. 

That’s why here at Electric Underground Tattoo, we’re going to help you with your worries and help you understand basic tattoo safety. 

How tattoos are done

Tattoos are done by inserting tiny droplets of ink into the pigment of your skin repeatedly. Artists usually use a sewing machine-like tool to help them pierce your skin and create the tattoo.

Know the risks

Before getting a tattoo you should remember that there are possibilities of you getting different infections and skin complications since the needle and the ink is piercing your skin. 

Here are some of the risk that you can encounter: 

Tattoo dye allergic reactions

Some of the dyes that are used during the tattoo process can cause allergic reactions to your skin that can lead to rash or itchiness of your body. You should always know if you are allergic to different kinds of inks. 

Skin infections

A skin infection can also be possible when it comes to getting a tattoo. If not taken seriously it can develop into a big problem. 

Other skin problems

Other skin problems such as inflammation or keloids can also be an effect on the skin after getting a tattoo. 

Bloodborne diseases

There’s a big chance that you can contract different bloodborne diseases if the equipment that the artist uses is not clean and contaminated. Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C are some of the diseases that you can contract. 

MRI complications

Getting a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam with a tattoo can be difficult since it can affect the quality of the image. 

Before getting a tattoo you need to make sure that you are aware of your own allergies and other risks to avoid affecting and risking your own health. 

Make sure you’re ready

Before getting a tattoo, you should think about it carefully since it can affect your body. We know it’s cool to get one but here at Electric Underground Tattoos does not encourage any individual getting an ink unwillingly. 

We also don’t recommend getting a tattoo while under the influence of any substance since it can hinder any good judgment. 

You should consider where you’ll put your tattoo and whether you want to hide it or not. You should also consider a great place like Electric Underground Tattoos where you can trust all of the artists. 

Insist on safety precautions

Before starting the procedure, you should ask yourself these questions beforehand to make sure that your tattoo will be applied correctly. 

Who does the tattooing? 

Going to a respected tattoo salon is a great choice every time you try to get inked since you can make sure that the artist is highly trained and has a great experience. They also follow the health local department when it comes to safety standards. 

Does the tattoo artist wear gloves? 

You need to make sure that the tattoo artist that will attend to you has clean hands and wearing gloves to prevent any infection. 

Does the tattoo artist use proper equipment?

You need to make sure that all of the equipment that the tattoo artist will use on your procedure is new and unused to prevent any infection from the pigments, trays, needles, and more. 

I have no idea where to put my new tattoo. What parts of the body can I put a tattoo on?

You can put a tattoo anywhere on your body. Nobody will judge you from having it from your head down to your toe. But you need to remember that you’ll feel different levels of pain depending on what body part you put it. 

Most people put their tattoos on their arms or legs. But you can be creative by putting it in your back or your neck. 

How much do tattoos cost?

It will depend on the size and design of your tattoo since it might cost a lot of money if your procedure requires a lot of different colors of dye just to get it done. The price will increase if your ink is bigger and more complicated to do.

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