The Most Popular Tattoo Styles You Need to Know

Deciding to get a tattoo is one tough choice to make. Choosing which image to permanently add to your body is a different dilemma altogether. Electric Underground Tattoos has some of the most comprehensive selections in the market and we’re proud of that but newcomers tend to feel overwhelmed. 

Here’s a tip: choosing a tattoo is all about expressing yourself aesthetically. You don’t need it to have a deep meaning. You just need to think it’s pretty to you or it represents who you are. Here are some tattoo styles that are popular in this era.


Portraiture is a timeless style. It is about engraving a permanent portrait of a person. It could be your lover, a family member, a friend, or even a celebrity whom you respect deeply. To some people, it serves as a permanent reminder of who they are and what they strive for.


Portraiture can fall into this style because both are about being as accurate to reality as possible. The main difference is that realism is not limited to a recognizable face. It simply needs to be rendered with an impressive amount of detail where the texture looks real. This style can be applied to a surreal imagery as long as it has detailed textures.  

New School 

The new school is a style that adds comic book imagery on your body. Most styles under this category are caricatures or stylized structures. This style is very similar to modern day’s digital art styles where artists embrace the 2-dimensional platform at the cost of realism.


Triangles, squares, straight lines, and symmetry. The geometric style consists of carefully placed rigid shapes to form a seemingly chaotic arrangement. Their true beauty reveals itself when the artist starts adding shades and textures to show an image that could be mistaken for realism. It is rare for the process to be as fascinating to view as the end result, but the geometric style is mesmerizing to watch from start to finish.

Realistic Trash Polka

The realistic trash polka is perhaps one of the most comprehensive styles to execute on the skin. Essentially, it is a collage of seemingly random materials from photographs, magazine cutouts, hand-writing, and more. They are also stylized to be in black and white with the only exception of the colour red for a striking effect. This is a style that looks great on a music album. Imagine how it would look on your broad shoulders!

As mentioned, Electric Underground Tattoos has a large selection to choose from. The artists are also open for suggestions or requests. You can collaborate on an idea that will eventually result in a personal and meaningful imagery. If you don’t know what specific imagery to sport then you can simply mention one of these styles and let the artist pick the imagery for you.

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