Pigmented skin marks have been a part of history for centuries now. Ancient human civilizations have been using skin markings to identify their own kind, and others become tattooed with signs to identify them as criminals and slaves. 

You would probably notice that these same classifications are still commonly practised in prison, where gangs have a group badge on their skin with some elaborate design and others get branded with awful tattoo art for bad behaviour. 

But modern tattoo styles are not about that anymore and you may want to try out one of Electric Underground’s popular tattoo artworks. If you are looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of tattoo styles you can explore.

  1. Old school and traditional

This classic skin tattoo features bright colours, bold lines and iconic designs like anchors, hearts and roses or pretty lady faces. 

  1. Realistic

These tattoos can be anything from portraits or designs that look so real they look like they can jump out of your skin.

  1. Watercolour 

Tattoos in watercolour style are electrically rendered with a brush to create the aesthetics of dabbles of pastels. This is a complicated skin art procedure that is not like working with watercolours on canvas but is extremely high in demand with millennials.

  1. Tribal 

Indigenous body art or tribal tattoo is the world’s oldest tattoo style that native communities around the world use. Every design is unique to each indigenous group. Aboriginal tattoo art is different from the Polynesian tattoo, for example. Their tattoos have meaning to their community and usually document events in their community and personal lives.

  1. New school 

New school tattoos take inspiration from 80s style animation and usually feature an animated character or animated design of a popular icon or object.

  1. Neo-traditional 

This is an improvement on traditional tattoos, although it still has distinct line work like in the traditional skin artwork. A neo-traditional tattoo is more illustrative and reflects the artist’s Art Deco influences.

  1. Japanese

Japanese tattoos called ‘irezumi’ were hugely popular with the merchants during the Edo period. Their body art uses their country’s age-old folklore on mythical creatures like dragons, kirins and phoenixes. 

  1. Blackwork

This style applies to body art created using only black ink, although it doesn’t mean that it’s boring. Blackwork tattoos are striking artworks with all kinds of design from ancient geometry to modern abstract to highly detailed illustrations.

  1. Illustrative

This tattoo style is versatile and takes inspiration from engravings, abstract expressionism and even calligraphy.

  1.  Chicano

This is a cultural style that has influenced other cultural skin art. Chicano tattoos came out from prison showing designs about the Mexican Revolution, religious icons and Mexican gang warlords.

The different tattoo styles can help inspire your skin art preference, but ultimately you will decide what you want to have on your skin. Electric Ground Tattoo artists can help narrow down your options and explain tattoo art procedure based on skin area and your style choice.

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