This year, tattoos have risen in popularity. Tattoos are a perfect platform for those who want to express themselves artistically through body art. That is why many people wanted to have at least one tattoo in their life. 

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Here at Electric Underground, we curated the top tattoo trends this 2021. Take a peek at our best picks to get it done!

  1. Spiritual tattoos

Last year was a crazy one and many people have found peace with the help of spirituality. This is starting to show in the tattoo trends of 2021. These tattoos could be whatever symbolizes beliefs like religious emblems or memorial tattoos. Lines from sacred texts, crosses, bible verses, clouds and stars are also among the trends. 

  1. Minimalist tattoos

Clean, simple tattoos are in this year. Simple designs with minimal shading are perfect if the client is worried about the pain and the length of their time on the tattoo chair. Check out some of the popular types of minimalist tattoos below:

  • Birthdates

Due to the pandemic, people are more aware of their loved ones. A birthdate is a nice symbol to honour a family member. For extra flair, some can consider using roman numerals instead of numbers.

  • Astrological signs

There are a lot of astral and mystical symbols in the tattoo trend of 2021. People are getting more curious about the star signs, the moon phases and the sun.

  • Florals

People carry lots of personal meaning with flowers, like the memories of their loved ones. The delicate and organic nature of flower tattoos makes them so appealing.

  • Symmetries

Some people on the other hand are more focused on the designs and aesthetic appeals rather than the clear meaning behind the tattoos. Mandalas, patterns, and large scale symmetries are a trend right now.

  1. Expansion tattoos

With tattoos becoming more socially acceptable these days, people are getting bolder and braver in their choices. People are upgrading and extending their existing tattoos into larger artworks this year.

  1. Black and grey tattoos

Some tattoo trends are all about designs and colours, but black and grey tattoos are becoming popular these days. This is because these colours tend to settle better on the skin, resulting in a more timeless look.

  1. Pointillism tattoos 

Pointillism is a cool tattoo that requires a lot of precision and technique. This involves drawing a lot of dots to create an image. This kind of tattoo tends to be more delicate and have a different aesthetic feel. 

  1. Negative space tattoos

Instead of drawing the actual design, the artist will draw the outline and leave the inside blank. This is perfect for those who want more depth and illusion of their body art.

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