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Meet Our Tattoo Artists

You will find some of the most talented, professional tattoo artists in North Saskatoon at Electric Underground Tattoo. We have collected only the best for our tattoo parlor, and their steady hands and creative thoughts are available to each of our clients every time. Our staff of skilled artists are prepared to take on any unique piece of any size. Check out their bios below to read up on who they are.

Chris Wenzel

My name is Chris Wenzel, I’m a self-educated, professional tattoo artist. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I did my first tattoo at the age of nine, and was immediately mesmerized by the art of tattooing.

I started with professional equipment, learning a little bit more each and every time until eventually I became comfortable and confident enough to work in a shop. I then floated around working in several locations never settling down in one spot for too long. I joined forces with Pat and Jeremy at Rites of Passage Tattoo for a few years, until the day came to go my own way. I joined a partner in ownership of Electric Underground in January of 2006, working hard and having fun. I eventually took over full ownership of the business in November 2006. Since then I’ve been working hard, keeping my head up high, and staying out of trouble.

If you are looking to get a tattoo give me a call, email me or drop into the store with your ideas or designs. I always take the time to understand what you want, we can design artwork to your specifications. Have a look at my work in my gallery.

Marc Wishart

Marc Wishart is dedicated to providing all of his clients with his full attention towards creating a tattoo built around their individual tastes.

Nicole Sack

Meet our youngest artist; Nicole strives to achieve the creative the image for which her clients are seeking. Her enthusiasm to meet her goals has brought her here to Electric Underground where she will be given the opportunity to meet and exceed her expectations within the world of art and exercise her talent.


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Electric Underground Tattoos INC are seeking Tattoo Artists.
Apply in person to the shop and bring your up dated portfolio.
Thanks for taking the time to look.

Advantages of Being a Tattoo Artist

Many people think that being a tattoo artist can be easy since you’re just drawing different patterns on the skin of a person. But they are wrong since many individuals get tattoos as an expression of their personality and they’re quite picky with their artist. 

That’s why tattoo artists undergo a lot of training and seminars before putting their pride on the line. And here at Electric Underground Tattoos, we’re going to list down some of the advantages of being a tattoo artist. 


Many tattoo artists want to make artwork on the bodies of their clients and make their feelings get known to everyone. 

They create different art pieces every time they hold the needle and inked their customer. The master tattoo artist can make their imagination work anytime while being skillful in handling the client.  

They do this to impress their clients and gather more customer wanting their service 

Booming industry

Inking is not a work that can be outsourced to anymore since it takes a lot of time and practices the art. That’s why this is one of the booming industries around since many people are lining up outside tattoo parlors to get their own ink. 


Apprenticeship is one of the most important parts of being a tattoo artist since you can learn new things from your parlor. You can even be a successor to one if you impress them with your skill. 

You don’t have to worry about being accepted in an apprenticeship since many of the artists today are willing to take students since there are limited tattoo programs around the world. 

By being an apprentice, you can learn a lot of things when it comes to servicing the client and making them happy. They can also show you the proper way of handling all of the tools and understanding the art behind the tattoo.


Many people go to art school before becoming a professional tattoo artist since the foundation of the art like illustration, painting, and drawing are taught there. 

And many of the lessons that they learn during their time there is transferable to the art of tattooing since it can be considered as an alternative medium. They can even apply all of the techniques they learn in creating new concepts for designs and make all of the clients happy. 


The tattoo industry is based on respect. That’s why many of the artists want to be respected since it can affect their business in the long run. 

Many people here learn respect towards each other since it can give them infamy if they did not respect other people. 

Tattooing is a great industry that’s why many people are attracted to it. The art, the meaning, and everything that comes with it is a great thing. 

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